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Papua New Guinea

Independent since September 16, 1975 under a freely elected democratic government and is also a member of the British Commonwealth.
Capital: Port Moresby.
Airport: Jacksons Airport
The population (2009) is just over 5 million with over a third living in the Highlands region of the country.
Located south of the Equator and just north of the Australian continent, is the world’s second largest island in the world. The total land mass of 473,189sq km consist of the mainland being the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and a collection of hundreds of islands in the Bismarck and Solomon seas. The mainland is divided by the Owen Stanley Range-a rugged central spine with peaks over 4000 metres high. Great rivers begin their journey to the sea from these mountains, among them the Fly and Sepik Rivers.
Mainly tropical, but conditions vary greatly from one area to another. Temperatures in the lowland and coastal areas vary between 25-30 degrees throughout the year. The highlands region enjoy a temperate climate, ranging from 20degrees during the day to as low as 10degrees during the evenings. Rainy season varies from province to province; however, the country is driest from May –December.
There are more than 800 distinct ‘live’ languages with Melanesian pidgin and Hiri Motu being the two most widely used. English is the official language in education, business and government circles.
Government and most business offices: 0800hrs – 1600hrs Monday to Friday.
Bank: 0900hrs – 1500hrs Monday to Friday
The currency of PNG is the Kina; one kina is equivalent to 0.70usd or 0.55 sgd. International credit cards are accepted in the larger hotels and restaurants in Port Moresby, but not generally in small towns or shops. 
240v, 50Hz. Most hotels have transformers for 110v appliances.
New Year’s Day – January 1
Good Friday
Easter Saturday
Easter Monday
Queen’s Birthday – June 14
National Remembrance Day – July 23
Independence Day – September 16
Christmas Day – December 25
Boxing Day – December 26
A passport with at least six-month validity is required. Visa is required for all visitors to the country. Please contact your nearest embassy or consulate office for more details.
All airport taxes are included in the tickets.
-          Unique handicrafts and native works of art such as pottery, masks, decorative weapons, shields and jewellery and wood carvings can be found in city or hotel crafts shops. The bilum, an expandable and colourful string bag, is a popular locally made souvenir item for visitors to bring home.
-          Coffee & Tea

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