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Kenya Travel Information
The capital of Kenya is Nairobi (NBO). Kenya Airways (KQ) flies to Nairobi from Bangkok seven times a week, and vice versa. The flight takes approximately 9 hours.
Kenya Airways is the national carrier of Kenya, and it flies Boeing 767-300 flights to Nairobi, which features personal TV with a wide range of movies to choose from.
Time Difference
Kenya (GMT+3) is 5 hours behind Singapore (GMT+8).
Things to do before departure
It is compulsory to get a Yellow Fever jab before leaving Singapore, which is easily available at major clinics. The loading time for the jab is 10 days. Other vaccinations are optional, and more information can be obtained from the physician.
Climate and Temperature of Kenya
December to January
February to May
June to July
September to November
Hot and dry
Rainy season
Cold, cloudy
Occasional rains , hot
Essential items
It is essential to bring a light jacket as it gets chilly in the mornings and evenings. Normal street wear is acceptable, and it is advisable to wear covered shoes as there might be short walks around the game parks.
Insect repellent containing the active ingredient 'Deet' is a must.
As the climate is dry, moisturizers and lip balms will be useful in preventing dryness and cracking of the skin and lips. Bring a good sun-block as the sun is very strong in the day.
Be equipped with a good camera with proper zoom functions, and a good pair of binoculars to spot animals in the wild.
US Dollars (USD) is widely accepted in Kenya, but change will be given in Kenya Shillings (KSHS). Kenya Shillings (KSHS) can be obtained at Kenya airport and major hotels and lodges in Kenya. The exchange rate is approximately USD$l to KSHS$65. The tipping guideline is USD$5 to USD$l 0 per person for the driver-cum-guide. Tipping to porters is practiced in Kenya.
Voltage and current is the same as Singapore, operating on the same 3-pin plugs. Lodges usually only have one or two power points, so bring a multi plug along if possible.
Visa and entry requirements
Singaporeans and Malaysians do not require a Visa to enter Kenya. Most nationalities can enter Kenya visa-free; however, Singaporeans will require a visa to enter Tanzania, and Visas can be obtained on arrival for those who require one. It will cost USD$50, and one passport sized photograph is required. Ensure passports have minimum six months validity.
Baggage and Customs allowances
The maximum weight allowance for check in luggage is 20kgs on economy class, and 7kg for hand carry luggage, not exceeding 56x36x23cm (22x14x9 in) in size. Each passenger is allowed maximum of one litre of liquor and one litre of wine, and 200 sticks of cigarettes. Perfumes and other duty free items are allowed in moderation.
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