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Middle East


  • Aqaba

  • Wadi Rum

  • Dead Sea

  • Mud Treatment at Dead Sea

  • Jerash Cardo

  • Map of Holy Land (Madadba)

  • Petra Treasury

  • Serpentine Cross

GMT +2 (October – March)
GMT +3 (April – September)
Sunny and cloudless weather from May to November, with warm days and cool evenings.
Winters can be cold and wet, with rain falling regularly between late November and early April
Amman -May to early November (21 – 30 degrees C.)
Late November to early April (8 – 15 degrees C.)
Aqaba -May to early November (28 – 35 degrees C.)
& Jordan -Late November to early April (16 – 22 degrees C.)
For nationalities who are eligible to obtain Jordan entry visa upon arrival Amman Airport, the stamping fee is 10 Jordanian Dinars per passport
Jordanian Dinar, or JD, which is divided into 1000 fils. Foreign Currency and travelers cheques can be converted easily at all banks, money changing offices and hotels.
Exchange rates are set daily by the Jordanian Central Bank
Arabic is the official language but English is widely spoken
The electrical system is based on 220 AC volts, 50 cycles, And requires rounded two-pronged wall plugs. Visitors from the USA will need a transformer; most hotels provide one
The most common Jordanian crafts items include Madaba rugs, carved olive-wood, mother-of-pearl, cross-stitch embroidery, Palestine pottery, Hebron glass, silver jewellery and artifacts, sheep skin and leather goods and coloured sand bottles. A must buy - Dead sea products for natural beauty aids.

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